WELCOME IN PHARMA & FOOD CONSULTINGResearch to safeguard health


What we do

Research and Development activities as innovative SME and University Spin Off in the area of solid oral drug formulation in dysphagic patients. The research activity has also been carried out in cooperation with an important Scientific Institute for Hospitalization and Treatment
Pharma Consulting
Support to companies in the pharmaceutical sector (pharmaceutical companies and workshops, public and private territorial pharmacies, hospital pharmacies) focused on innovation in the formulation, production and legislative compliance aspects
Food Consulting
Support for the conception, formulation and production of innovative supplements and functional foods. Consulting for the creation of innovative packaging through the use of biocompatible and biodegradable polymers
Project Management
We offer a service of coordination of the working group that ensures the control of results and the achievement of the objective in new research and development projects. Business Plans both for Start Up and for companies operating in the life science and nutraceutical sectors

PROFILEInnovative SME and University Spin-Off

We deal with consulting, research and development for the marketing and production of innovative products and services in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food sectors







Analytical projects

Trust the PFC team to deliver complex projects

Strict quality practices

PFC is equipped to uphold scrupulous quality standards

Customized solutions

We develop custom protocols and methods

Advanced Know-How

Continuous updating on best practices and scientific innovations

Innovation and Pragmatism