Automated system for transforming SODFs (Solid Oral Dosage Forms) into gel form


Effectiveness, Safety, Controllability, Traceability

The invention relates to a system for transforming SODFs into gel form. In particular, the system for the transformation of solid pharmaceutical forms for oral administration such as tablets or capsules into gel form is applied in the pharmaceutical field in the presence of dysphagic patients.

The automated system allows the respect of the “best practices”, as well as the maintenance of the effectiveness of the active ingredient and the neutralization of potential cross contaminations.


Easy and practical formulation to be ingested by dysphagia patients

Dysphagia is predominantly present in the elderly population and puts these people at risk of serious complications, primarily suffocation and tracheobronchial aspiration, which can even lead to death. Some data report that the mortality rate from aspiration pneumonia (a consequence of tracheobronchial aspiration) is between 20% and 65% in dysphagia patients, mostly affecting the elderly living at home  (Eisenstadt ES. Dysphagia and aspiration pneumonia in older adults)

Save working hours

Reduction of working hours by carers and health workers who have to handle solid medications for dysphagic patients.
Saving hours that automatically translates into savings in staff costs and / or greater efficiency of existing staff in hospitals and residences for the elderly.


Support for family doctors

Supporting family doctors in prescribing drug therapy for domiciliary dysphagia patients in the presence of a galenic pharmacy equipped with such an automated tool

Equity Funding

Progetto "Sistema automatizzato di trasformazione di SODFs (Solid Oral Dosage Forms) in forma gel"